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  • Beskpoke website
  • Custom CMS
  • CRM integration
  • Fully featured search
  • Members' area
  • Social media integration

Iconnet have been implementing digital solutions for CAAV for over 15 years.

The team at Iconnet have been so instrumental in the support and ongoing management of our entire online presence. They have streamlined day-to-day processes and offered pro-active solutions which has freed up valuable time for me as a busy Office Manager.


Office Manager

CAAV Device Screenshots

Due to the increase in members (nearly 3000) and the demands and challenges of maintaining a successful online presence, Iconnet were chosen to create a ‘specialist in-between app’ that could communicate with the CAAV website and a new Civi CRM system that was developed on a different platform.

This is the sort of challenge our team thrives on - multiple applications on different platforms talking to each other through a bespoke application. In addition to this, we needed to streamline the process for the Office Manager as her workload was ever-increasing.

By automating many of the manual processes they had to undertake we were able to shave valuable time from the day-to-day activities - another success.

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