Marketing Gloucester

Tourism web app development designed to help promote Gloucester City.

When Marketing Gloucester faced the challenge of guiding visitors around the city's fascinating streets on foot, they needed a user-friendly bespoke mobile app.

Marketing Gloucester custom application on multiple devices

The project began with our team taking in the local sites of the City by joining the Marketing Gloucester team on the historical tours.

Adjustments were made while research into mobile coverage and wifi availability was conducted, which helped finalise the routes that needed transforming into a mobile app.

Initially the discussions were all based around native apps for iOS and Android, but after the prototyping stage was complete a new avenue of development was discussed — a progressive web app.

This meant the project could launch on time and on budget without losing any of the primary features required. Google maps for navigation paths, with the introduction of native app-like smart menu and UI design principles so the user experience felt familiar, no matter which device was used. The custom platform was developed with room for expansion, so adding new and exciting City tours will be a breeze.

The concept was extraordinarily well received and so was the final product. With City wide advertising in all of the main tourist hot-spots, the Gloucester City Tours App is really helping both new visitors and locals discover the hidden gems Gloucester has to offer.

What we do.

  • Custom web application
  • Mobile browser specific development
  • Application prototyping

We were impressed by what iconnet achieved with their first shot at the app - including its impressively low data demands, which will help visitors who use roaming mobile-data. We then showed the app to our heritage and tourism partners and got a 100 per cent positive response.

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