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Essex Rural Council’s successful Community Agents project needed to improve their data capture and reporting system but the IT team couldn’t find anything off the shelf that suited their needs.


After working on the project pilot we fully understood the requirements for a custom web application that was easy for the team to capture and input the necessary data. The build took place over 6 months working closely with Brian, the IT manager and the supporting teams, to tailor the system to their exact requirements.

Community Agents custom application on multiple devices

From here we built a comprehensive reporting suite that allows for the team to quickly compile reports to show which targets have been met, the impact of project and other important KPI’s, all of which are critical in terms of funding for the project.

This saves the teams involved a huge amount of time, removing many of the manual processes they used to undertake.

The solution we put in place is wider ranging than the application itself, which also includes domain name management, DNS and exchange mailboxes for the project.

As with most projects of this scale, requirements can change and so therefore must the application. We’ve added numerous new fields and data sets, enabled two-factor authentication, added further custom reporting and new data purge options (the system now manages in excess of 30,000 clients), to name but a few of the ongoing enhancements.

To do list…

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From the start, as well as delivering the promised solution, iconnet were exceptionally helpful and responsive to our evolving needs and our responsibility to demonstrate the scheme’s cost-effectiveness to the funder.

Brian Goodwin - IT Manager

Community Agents Essex

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