Office Managers

As office manager, we understand the number of tasks on your list.

Our experience means we’ve dealt with people in your position for over 25 years and it means we’ve seen many of the items on your to-do list time and time again. Below you will find a typical example of how we helped an office manager, like you, achieve their goal.

The Central Association for Agriculture Valuers (CAAV) were running a CRM completely independently to their website and a manual process of updating the required details was taking too long. With the CRM and website being on two different platforms Elaine, Office Manager, was unsure if they could ‘talk to each other’.


We built a custom integration on the website that reads the data from the CRM every hour and performs all of the updates, that were once done manually, automatically.

CAAV bespoke website on multiple devices

This has saved hours of manual processing and has allowed the staff more time to concentrate on what they should be doing - leading to a much more productive office. Not only does this save time but it greatly improves the accuracy of the data too.

A custom website admin screen was built to manage the imported data which that includes features the CRM could not provide.

This allows CAAV to get the best of both worlds without needing to rebuild their entire CRM or website.

Among other work we undertake for the CAAV we help Elaine with reviewing the website stats and creating reports that she needs.

To do list…

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The team at Iconnet have streamlined day-to-day processes and offered pro-active solutions which has freed up valuable time for me as a busy Office Manager.

Elaine Needs - Office Manager