Snowdon Peak (1)

Snowdon Challenge

Snowdon Challenge.

How the team at iconnet helped raise funds for life-saving Southmead Hospital

On a cold September morning, Doctor Who-mad Gloucestershire web developer Luke Williams led colleagues from iconnet digital agency up Snowdon to raise funds for the Southmead Hospital Charity.

Luke, who’s been at iconnet since 2008, explains how an alert optician set the potentially life-saving events in motion.

Something wasn’t right

‘During a routine visit for a visual field test, Vision Express, Gloucester noticed something wasn’t right and advised me to contact my GP. That led to an MRI scan at the Cobalt Imaging Centre in Cheltenham. After being told I’d have to wait a week for results, I was surprised when my GP called the next day after seeing something unexpected. I hoped it was a relatively minor vascular lesion, which wouldn’t need major surgery.’

A CT scan followed, after which doctors diagnosed a cyst or tumour requiring an operation. Luke was immediately referred to Bristol’s Southmead Hospital.

The next day, surgeons operated

Luke again: ‘I was admitted to Southmead. The next day, surgeons operated on my brain’s left temporal lobe during a lengthy operation. Afterward, the doctors still weren't completely sure what they’d removed – and swapped for 38 stitches – so they sent it to be examined.’

A few days later, Luke learned that the object was a low-grade glioma tumour. Two weeks after the operation he was allowed home to Gloucestershire to complete his recovery. After follow-up MRI scans – doctors were pleased with his progress.

Not surprisingly, Luke only has praise for everyone involved in his diagnosis and treatment: ‘I can’t thank the nurses and doctors enough for their care and support while I was in Southmead.’

We decided on a fundraising event

‘We discussed what would make a good fundraising event. As I enjoy walking, we decided to climb Snowdon – the highest mountain in England and Wales! We did it! More importantly, we managed to raise over £3,500 for Southmead Hospital Charity.

Snowdon Peak (1)

We climbed Snowdon and raised over £3,500 for Southmead Hospital Charity.

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