Community Agents

Helping Community Agents support over 30,000 vulnerable people with a dedicated custom referral  and reporting application

Since 2009, Iconnet has supported Community Agents Essex with the powerful, cost-effective web applications required to help keep thousands of vulnerable people safe and independent.

Community Agents custom application on multiple devices

We developed a custom online referral system designed to connect clients with the information and services needed to increase their independence and reduce reliance on centrally funded and delivered services.

We were involved from the outset, creating prototypes and launching a beta application for the initial project pilot.

After the success of the pilot and further iterative feedback, the realisation of what the system could capture soon became apparent and more requirements were added.

The system was built from the ground up, in such a way that allows for continuous feature set additions and enhancements - all linking back to the extensive reporting engine.

The web application gives 'agents' the tools required to log referrals, generate follow-ups, sign-post clients and generate custom-made reports.

What we do.

  • Custom referral application
  • 2 step verification login
  • Bespoke reporting solution
  • Exchange email services
  • Ongoing development and support

With Iconnet’s help, we’ve got the system we need, that works and that provides a solid foundation for future developments.

Brian Goodwin

Community Services Manager

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