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Custom Applications

Custom applications

Applications that run on desktops, touch screens, hand-held devices and more...

First, we thoroughly understand your business

Off-the-shelf applications have their place. But imagine how a custom application would streamline your business processes and improve your workflow. Visualise how it will save you time, boost productivity and support a more profitable business. And the benefits as it improves or successfully integrates with your legacy systems.

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A refined process from planning to deployment

Thoroughly understanding your business is the key to designing your successful application. We start with your needs and ways to improve things. And we always challenge your existing processes to improve efficiency.

Since 1996, we’ve continuously refined our development process to give you the best possible solution. You benefit from a process that’s as straightforward as possible. It’s a seamless progression of effective meetings, precise planning and clear wireframe prototypes. And a focused flow of project management, development planning, user testing and trouble-free custom app deployment.

Rewarding user experiences, regardless of device

We pride ourselves on high-quality UI design, excellent client communication and realistic timescales. Is your application for hand-held scanners, smartphones or large touchscreen monitors? Whatever the device, look forward to fast, intuitive, rewarding user experiences when doing the following:

  • Gathering and reporting on data
  • Creating custom ecommerce platforms
  • Integrating with your CRM
  • Improving existing processes
  • Something else? (Just tell us)

Whatever your objective, our experience as custom web application developers means we help you do better business – whatever the device.

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Custom applications are core to our business. Our focused team ensures that plenty of time is dedicated to the crucial early stages of planning and wireframe prototyping. Then there’s a conscientious design and build phase. The result is successful deployment and a rewarding long-term client collaboration.



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